The Journey Begins

Hey there , I am Fatima Ansari living in Mumbai, India starting out in this blogging world. To give you little in the background I’m a stay at home mom with two beautiful kids. you would wonder who writes a blog in this age of influencers and vloggers (nothing against them really, it’s pure hard-work) well that’s me. Firstly because I am old school that way and secondly I am too camera conscious to be in front of camera all the time but there’s one thing I can do, is write (or I think I can let’s see how that goes ). When I thought about what my blog is going to be about, like everything else In life I didn’t have a definite answer but that’s also because i am passionate about so many different things be it skincare, travel or good food. So here, I am going to write about all of the above, my favorite beauty/skincare products, travels , the places I eat, my life and everything in between.





First up coming on the blog will be about my family trip to istanbul, where we stayed, things to do in the city, traveling with kids and stuff. There on it will be weekly post regarding beauty/skincare products I love/hate , food reviews of the new restaurants I visit, motherhood and general life in between.

This is going be to be a weekly blog where I am going to post every Monday, it might sound too less or spaced out but that’s what I can manage right now with two young kids without compromising on the content.

So yeah that’s AsmaFatima for you. Let’s begin this new journey. Oh yeah that’s me, come and say hi 👋

11 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Asma. All the very best.
    You are sooo pretty 😍
    I lived in Mumbai for 19 years and moved to Pune 4 years back. I know one Fatima in Mumbai, whose daughter calls me nanu 😊

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