Nusr-Et Steakhouse

Nusr-et al is a Turkish steakhouse owned by the renowned Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe also popularly known as the iconic salt bae having several restaurants around the world with New York, Dubai, Miami to name a few.

We visited the place on our recent trip to Istanbul. The restaurant has a cool vibe. Since the tables are always occupied expect the place to be bustling with people. The first floor has an open kitchen with the interiors modern as well displaying a bit of Turkish culture with wooden furniture.

Now lets come to the food. For starters we had beef burgers. It has to be one of the best burgers I have ever had and I have had quite a few. It is juicy, filled with meat, melting cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. The burger is grilled to make the bun warm and give you a bit of crisp. It is cut into 2 pieces so that things don’t get messy while you enjoy your burger. Served with fries.

Next up was the lamp chops. I am usually a little weary of trying lamb chops outside because my mom makes some amazing chops so it has always been a childhood favorite and not many can live up to my high expectations of it but this one did a good job at it. It was moist yet not too chewy and good on the taste as well.

You cannot come to a steak house and not try their steaks. Here, we ordered a Dallas steak. It was a tender piece of meat with t bone served with roasted potatoes and spinach onion salad on the side. We asked for medium rare, it was browned well enough without being overcooked, as well as good flavor, succulent and delicious.

We were actually going to skip having dessert here since I wanted to have it from a dessert Parlour but my cousin messaged me saying don’t miss their baklava with ice cream it’s the BOMB, so we did try and it was indeed THE BOMB !! Since baklava is the traditional dessert of the Turkish cuisine it is served almost everywhere in the city but this was by far the best amongst them. Even better than few of the dessert Cafés. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between the pistachio pastry breaking the intense flavor with vanilla sweetness. The waiter will make the pastry on the your table with a little theatrics by mixing the ice cream and cutting the baklava in front of you for entertainment purposes. A must have here I would say.

The restaurant has various branches across the city so choose one nearest to your place. The place is always full so make sure you have a reservation before coming in to avoid waiting in long queues. We went to the one inside the grand bazaar near Sultanahmet area. Some may find the price to be on the higher side but i guess it’s worth the experience.

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