Traveling with toddlers

We decided to celebrate my younger daughter Aizah’s first birthday with a trip to Istanbul and though it was exciting to finally have our first trip together as a family it also gave me tremendous anxiety thinking about traveling with two kids ( a 3yr old and 1yr old). I have been on flights with my elder one but those were short one hour long flights so this was relatively longer and plus we had two connecting flights Mumbai to Dubai with a 5hour layover and then to istanbul. After hours of planning, organizing and tons of packing we started our journey.

Here are the few things which helped me through which can be useful to you.

• Let the kids play as much as they want to on the airport before boarding the flight as it means they might be all tired and exhausted from running around and will go to sleep through the flight.

• Keep them hydrated through out as long flights tend to dehydrate us.

• Don’t fuss on eating a proper meal. I think we (usually mothers )🤷🏼‍♀️ emphasize a lot on kids finishing their meals which can be a difficult task during the flight, instead carry their favorite snacks with you so if they do not like the food served on the plane they have something to munch on.

• Also, carry some some of the Toys or their crayons or books to keep them entertained because inflight entertainment hardly helps.

• If it’s his /her first time in a flight it will difficult for the baby to understand why is she being held or stopped from walking around so let them roam a bit between aisles.

• They might (or definitely will ) throw tantrums, demand for things which they usually don’t do at home or other places and the best way to calm them down that time would be to give in. not what you want to listen but it’s no time to discipline when the entire flight is watching over you

• If you are still breastfeeding the baby like I was don’t be shy doing so during the flight, it’s completely okay to give in as much as the baby demands. (it might even help with ear pain during take off and landings)

• We checked into emirates business class lounge for our layover and I would highly recommend you to do that (or any other lounge on your airport ) since it has a family area, playing room for kids and even quite areas for the baby to sleep in.

• I would also suggest you to buy a ticket for your toddler if you can afford it because the baby bassinet provided can hardly carry a baby older than 8-9 months and it can get tiresome to keep your toddler on your lap the entire time.

Now you would wonder was my journey perfect and smooth sailing , quite far from it to be honest but doing these little things definitely made it easier for me and my family. Finally don’t panic it’s only a matter of few hours for your destination and even if it gets difficult don’t worry you will survive, all of us do 😊.

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