Dinner with romantic lights at 1BHK, oshiwara

I have been to 1BHK before for breakfast ( a separate review for that ) and New Years as well but it wasn’t until recently I tried the food here so let’s get on with the experience.


Tucked away in the corner of Oshiwara it might be difficult at first to locate the place but once you find it, you will be pleasantly surprised. The restaurant has a romantic and festive feel to it with pretty lights all over. It has a indoor as well as outdoor seating area with a projector screen on display in the outdoor area. The indoor area spells prettiness all over with its cute interiors and vibrant furniture. The also have a separate dining area for a group if you want a bit of privacy.


For starters we had prawns chill pil. The prawns are tossed in butter garlic sauce and served with steamed bao. Dipped in sauce, the prawns were perfectly cooked oozing the delicious butter. The bao was soft and went well with the dish.

Next up was House grilled fish served with veggies, shrimps and Casper sauce. This dish was the star of the evening. The flavor, sauce and dressing was made to perfection. The fish was moist with the veggies grilled just enough for them to still have their crunch. Served with quinoa on top and Casper sauce the dish was complete. The fish alone stood out with the shrimps fading in the background. It could totally do without the shrimps.

Salli chicken is a Parsi dish which is a thick semi dry chicken gravy with Salli potatoes sprinkled on top. You can have this with either brown onion pulav or pao. We had this with buttered pao but I wish we tried the pulav instead since I think the rice would enhance the flavours more.

For dessert we had No bake cheesecake with cherries. It was a simple dark chocolate mouse with a layer of biscuit crumbs on the base with half cut cherries on top. Simple yet filling.


The service was quite quick to my surprise inspite of lot of tables being occupied. Staff was attentive and friendly.

Overall it a nice experience and would love to try some more of their dishes soon.

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