Kiehl’s rare earth pore cleansing masque review.

Today I am going to be talking about keilh’s rare earth pore cleansing mask. This was the first skincare product that I bought years ago. It was before I knew about acids , chemical exfoliating, antioxidants or any such thing, basically when I was total new to skincare essentials. I have always had oily skin which tends to get super oily during summer months and during one such phase when my skin was clogged and congested (which happens a lot ) I came across this product and have never looked back since then. It is that skincare product in my shelf which always has to be there and I restock it as soon is it gets over. I have tried other clay masks from different brands as well but I always come back to this one. Whether you have dry oily combinational or sensitive skin this mask fits all no wonder it has achieved a cult status.

The packaging

It comes in a wide neck jar which makes it easier to scoop out unlike tube masks which makes it difficult to remove towards the end causing wastage. It’s a clay mask made with the ingredients sourced from the amazon river in northern Brazil. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or acids so the chances of you getting a reaction or irritation from it is quite rare.

How to apply

I usually use a mild cleanser after which i put on this mask and since it’s a clay mask I don’t pat dry my face and put it on when it’s still wet so that way it’s easy to spread it. The package says to keep the mask on for 20mins but I generally keep it for a good 30-40 mins to an 1hr depending on the thickness of the layer (that’s cause I have oily skin and the mask doesn’t make my skin dry) but if you have dry skin 30 mins would do ( or whatever time it takes for the mask to be completely dry ) and then rinse off with warm water. Now this won’t magically make your blackheads disappear after removing the mask but it does bring them to the surface of your skin (and I mean it literally ) making it easier to remove with a towel or blackhead remover tool.

I get a lot of blackheads not only on my nose but also on my cheeks and whenever I feel like the blackheads are getting inflamed I put this mask on. Not only does it get the blackhead on the surface it also makes it easier to extract. Make sure your mask is completely dry for the junk to sit on the surface.

In the end it makes my skin super clean and smooth removing excess oil.

I also use this mask as a spot treatment sometimes for my pimples keeping it overnight to fasten the process.

The jar usually lasts for about 4-6 months if you use once a week.

Pros :

Very good for blackheads. Packaging is made as to no wastage. Cleanses without drying.

Cons :

The only thing is the mask tends to get dry towards the end of the tub.

Would I repurchase ?

Yes, always have and will continue to do so.

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