Yazu- Pan Asian super club

We stumbled upon on this restaurant quite literally out of the blue. We had reservations at an another Asian restaurant In juhu but couldn’t get our table for the desired time and so we decided to explore some other Asian restaurant in Vincity and were so glad we found this place.


It’s a chic setting with elegant interiors. You have the bar on your right with tables in the Centre and some classy U shaped sofas for large groups.


For starters we ordered Butter garlic Sichuan prawns. The dish was more on the Sichuan side than on the usual butter garlic ones but nonetheless tasted well. The prawns were sautéed well with the Sichuan sauce.

Next were the crispy chicken net fried gyoza and spicy chicken Cheung Fun. Gyoza is fried dumpling filled with minced chicken and it tasted so well with all the flavors balancing it perfectly. Chicken Cheung fun is a rice noodle roll which literally melts in your mouth served with black sauce to give the extra bit of zing.

Crispy chicken fried net gyoza
Noodle rice dumplings

For main course we had yazu signature spicy noodles though it wasn’t that spicy (or may be I have high tolerance 😉) the dish was executed well. We also had Thai massaman curry with garlic fried rice. The curry was cooked well without overpowering the coconut essence but the burnt garlic didn’t really enhance its garlic flavor and had quite strong fragrance to it but over well went with the curry.

For desserts we had the Chef’s Mess which is the amalgamation of various components such as raspberry and passion fruit compete, hazelnuts, red velvet crumble and chocolate brownie. The Centre point of this dessert was the dark chocolate ball filled with chocolate mousse. It is known as the chef’s mess because the chef will personally come to your table to assemble the dessert.


The service was quick and the staff was attentive but since we ordered for the chefs mess dessert we had to wait for the chef to be available to present our dessert. The chef was busy ( understandably so ) and it took a while for the dessert so if you are on a time crunch I would suggest you skip this part.

Overall it was a nice experience.